Thursday, March 1

Snow Leopard........

Snow Leopard
  • Apply Medusa's "Stick It" primer all over the eye lid.
  • Apply White cream Halloween makeup (I got mine here) all over to add that extra pop of white(this isn't needed if you are using another color or not wanting it super white)
  •  Apply a simple white shadow with almost no glitter on the inner eye.
  • Fade that shadow out into a glittered pigment, I used my Medusa's electro white, for a nice effect. 
  • Take a brown liquid eye liner with a felt tip(you can use any tip really I just like how a felt tip is easier to control and gives a nice point) and draw small shaky O's and C's at random.
  • Using the same brown liner and draw a cat eye on your outer lid
  • On the lower lid only apply it 2/3 away across and smudge it a little
  • Finish with your favorite black or brown mascara 

  • Feel free to play around with shadow color. I have done this look in pink blue yellow red, just about anything 
  • Rest your hand on your cheek for stability and get as close to the mirror as you can
  • Have plenty of light to see with
  • Use different color eye liners as well (I have been wanting to try this in black shadow with gold eye liner)
  • Have fun and experiment 
  • Practice
  • Practice
  • Practice 
  • If you are not comfortable drawing the O's and C's draw a few (or a hundred) on your hand to start with.
  • Don't be alarmed if someone asks if this is tattooed on. I have been asked this several times when its done in black liner. 

Have fun and be fabulous!

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