Thursday, March 8

Meagan And Bob Edens.....

Oh the lovely Meagan!! 
It was so fun working with her even if we did have to deal with a tornado mid application of her makeup!
The photographer was Mr. Bob Edens and may I just day he is very gentlemanly and knows exactly what he is doing to get his shot.
With tornadoes on the way we started out the shoot with Meagan's hair. As I got to speaking with her she told me about her two adorable children and of course I told her of my daughter.  Meagan is a bubbly little thing of twenty and not even 100 lbs soaking wet. Bob is an older gentleman who is very kind. Mid way through the shoot he mentioned his cat....oh goodness the cutest little cat ever and the only cat I have ever encountered that when I called its name it came and jumped into my arms!! I am a huge cat person so this made the shoot ten times more fun. Anyway back to the actual shoot, as I mentioned tornadoes had been foretasted and indeed they did make an appearance. The tree down the road was knocked down and threatened to knock out the power lines any minute. Thus with the threat of a blackout the shoot ended on a weary note only because of weather. I sincerely look forward to working with both Meagan and Bob again!

Feel free to check out www.bobedens,com for more images he has shot!


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