Saturday, September 29

Book Your Halloween Makeup Application Today!!!!!!!!

Hurry before it is too late and I am all booked up!

My lovely sister in law let me do some of the newer looks on her for all of you to see!!! 

Including Stitches and 3rd degree Burns!!!

Check them out and feel free to ask if you have a look you would like done for Halloween and I have not had photos posted of it I always love new projects!

Thanks as always. I cant wait to burn or sew all of you lovelies up!

Friday, July 13

Catching My Eye.....

                                                                          1  Pretty Owl
                                                                            2 Zombie Hat
                                                                          3 Music Bird

Saturday, July 7

Bob Edens Photo Shoot Part 2.....

This was what happens after a lovely bridal set! Crap hits the fan!!!

Bob Edens Photo Shoot.....

This lovely set up is my newest bridal work! I am so excited about how these turned out and I had so much fun working with these four lovely ladies and of course the always awesome Bob Edens!!

Thanks to Bob Edens

I must say I am looking forward to working with all of these girls again soon!!!

Sunday, May 6

The Moon............

Anyone catch Saturday's moon? This is about how I felt looking at it....

Catching My Eye....

I love the Victorian style necklace with the but of gore added to it. It would be a nice little odd touch to the many I have.

I would love to do a shoot styled like this the bright colors and rawness of it is just so sexy to me!

Seeing this braid makes me wish I didn't dye my hair a new color so I could still wear my extensions like this!!! 

Lady Gaga posted this pic of her meat bandages on Facebook a little while back and now I want them!!!

These are a few of the things that have been Catching My Eye lately..... Sorry for the lack of links to these they were found late at night and it slipped my mind lol

Wednesday, April 25

Goldygates Shoot....

Long awaited photos of me!!!! lol ok not so long, but when the photographer has a wreck on the way home from the shoot and has to get a new car, editing takes a back seat for a bit. I completely understood and am so thrilled with how these photos turned out its not even funny!!! Check out Goldygates Photography with the lovely Bridget Gates!!!

I think I was pretty. What do you all think?