Thursday, April 19

Goldygates Senior Giveaway.........

Well you should all head over to Goldygates Photography's site and enter her cute giveaway!!!!


Welcome to my new Senior Blog Site!  I decided over a year ago that I wanted to focus more on Seniors and fashion.  With this decision I decided to create a separate site for this.  After many ideas I decided that I wanted another blog-site that wasn't just to showcase my work.  I wanted it to be a fun place for seniors or just anyone to come and get beauty and fashion advice and ideas. We will be launching a magazine and look book to go along with this site.  Our magazine will be GG magazine!  I will be using clients and models to fill the pages!  You all will just have to check back every week for loads of fun and new stuff to enjoy!  

If you would like to join the style team and be apart of our look book, magazine, tutorials, videos etc please click the link above or to the side and fill out an application.

Now lets get to the best part!

Want to win this Hello Kitty makeup back full of goodies?  Well it's super simple!!!!!!"

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